What Are Conservatives Saying About Ed Gillespie?

Pete Snyder, CEO of Disruptor Capital + Founder of New Media Strategies
“Ed brings a long record in the conservative movement and a national profile to a party that’s looking for unity and a lot of resources.” (source)

Marc Thiessen, American Enterprise Institute Fellow
“Some have suggested that, as a former Bush official, Gillespie may not be seen as sufficiently conservative to satisfy the tea party activists and social conservatives who dominate the Virginia Republican Party. They are mistaken.”

“I worked closely with Gillespie in the White House, and he was a forceful champion for conservative policies in the Bush administration.” (source)

William Kristol, Editor of the Weekly Standard
“Republican Ed Gillespie will challenge the heretofore supposedly safe Democratic incumbent, Sen. Mark Warner. Gillespie will defeat him. His victory will epitomize the story of 2014: an Obamacare-inspired Republican wave, one that will not only sweep out red-state Democrats, but will also produce a gaggle of Republicans coming to the Senate to represent states Obama carried, including New Hampshire, Iowa, Michigan … and Virginia.” (source)

Peter Roff, U.S. News & World Report
“Gillespie, who also served as state party chairman for a brief time, is a candidate all wings of the Virginia GOP can endorse enthusiastically.” (source)